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Avoidance of Blockages in Subsea Production Control and Chemical Injection Systems, First Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/2012



This document addresses the avoidance of blockages in subsea production control and chemical injection systems (CISs). It includes requirements and gives recommendations for the design and operation of subsea production systems (SPSs) with the aim of preventing blockages in control and production chemical fluid (PCF) conduits and associated connectors/fittings.

In the context of design, this covers not only installed subsea hardware (trees, manifolds, etc.), the connecting linkages (jumper arrangements, umbilical systems, etc.), but the fluids to be conveyed, initially from the fluid manufacturers’ facilities through to bunkering at the host facility and, ultimately, injection or usage at remote subsea locations.

The guidelines set out the framework within which more detailed specifications and procedures should be developed to address the particular features of specific projects and specific installations in respect of design through to production operations and, ultimately, decommissioning. They also indicate what needs to be taken into account and approaches that can be considered, or may be taken, in order that blockages do not occur during the installation, commissioning and operations of a SPS.

While the aim of this document is to prevent blockages in a SPS, it also addresses the issues of topside equipment which provides the control and chemical injection (CI) services necessary for the operation and performance of a SPS.

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