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Attributes of Production Chemicals in Subsea Production Systems, First Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 03/01/2012



This document identifies and specifies the essential attributes of production chemicals intended to be introduced to subsea oil and gas production systems.

The document is intended for use by chemical suppliers to facilitate the provision of chemicals compatible with existing and intended subsea production systems (SPS) although it is envisaged that use of the document for specification purposes by the operators of such processes, will assist in ensuring the completeness of requests to supply.

The application of the document requires acceptance of the principle that it is the supplier?s responsibility to ensure that the chemicals supplied are fit for purpose and safe to use, although it is acknowledged that this responsibility can only be fulfilled if specification of requirements is complete. To this end the document identifies essential information that only SPS designers and operators can provide but without knowledge of which, suppliers should not supply. In the requirements of this document, responsibility for obtaining these items of critical information is placed upon the supplier, in the expectation that designers and operators will respond with their ready provision.

The functional performance of production chemicals is outside the scope of this document.

The assessments and tests specified in this document are not intended to qualify materials for use in an SPS in respect of pressure containment, mechanical load, cyclic mechanical load, or other design parameters.

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