API TR 980

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Monolithic Refractories: Installation and Dryout, First Edition
standard by American Petroleum Institute, 04/01/2018



This technical report covers the installation and dryout of monolithic refractory lining materials for hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) applications. It discusses the best practice procedures and techniques used in the installation of refractory concrete, as well as those for air-and heat-setting plastics and ramming mixes. In addition, it discusses the need for curing and dryout and procedures to achieve successful results.

This instruction is consistent with API Standard 936, which is the HPI industry standard for the installation quality control of monolithic refractories. It also serves as the body of knowledge document for the API 936 Refractory Personnel Certification Program.

This report is the last in a series of three API reports covering the use of refractory concrete (castables), plastics, and ramming mixes for applications for the hydrocarbon processing industry. Its content is complemented by the two other reports in this series:

—API TR 978, Monolithic Refractories: Manufacture, Properties and Selection, and
—API TR 979, Applications of Refractory Lining Materials.

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