ASME B1.30-2002 (R2017)

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Screw Threads – Standard Practice for Calculating and Rounding Dimensions
standard by ASME International, 04/25/2003



The purpose of this Standard is to establish uniform and specific practices for calculating and rounding the numeric values used for inch and metric screw thread design data dimensions only. No attempt is made to establish a policy of rounding actual thread characteristics measured by the manufacturer or user of thread gages. Covered is the Standard Rounding Policy regarding the last figure or decimal place to be retained by a numeric value and the number of decimal places to be retained by values used in intermediate calculations of thread design data dimensions. Values calculated to this Standard for inch and metric screw thread design data dimensions may vary slightly from values shown in existing issues of ASME B1 screw thread standards and are to take precedence in all new or future revisions of ASME B1 standards as applicable except as noted in para. 1.2.

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