ASME B133.9-1994 (R2001)

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Measurement of Exhaust Emissions From Stationary Gas Turbine Engines
standard by ASME International, 01/01/1994



Withdrawn by ANSI on July 27, 2007.

This Standard provides guidance in the measurement of exhaust emissions for the emissions performance testing (source testing) of stationary gas turbines. Source testing is required to meet federal, state, and local environmental retulations. The standards is not intended for use in continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) although many of the on-line measurement methods defined may be used in both applications. This Standard applies to engines that operate on natural gas and liquid distillate fuels. Much of this Standard also will apply to engines operated on special fuels such as alcohol, coal gas, residual oil, or process gas or liquid. However, these methods may require modification or be supplemented to account for the measurement of exhaust components resulting from the use of a special fuel.

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