ASTM B788/B788M-09(2020)

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Standard Practice for Installing Factory-Made Corrugated Aluminum Culverts and Storm Sewer Pipe
standard by ASTM International, 09/01/2020



1.1 This practice describes procedures, soils, and soil placement for the proper installation of corrugated aluminum culverts and storm sewers in either trench or projection installations. A typical trench installation is shown in Fig. 1, and a typical embankment (projection) installation is shown in Fig. 2. The pipes described in this practice are manufactured in a factory and furnished to the job in lengths ordinarily from 10 to 30 ft [3 to 9 m], with 20 ft [6 m] being common, for field joining. This practice applies to structures designed in accordance with Practice B790/B790M.

FIG. 1 Typical Trench Installation

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