ASTM D1056-20

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Standard Specification for Flexible Cellular Materials-Sponge or Expanded Rubber
standard by ASTM International, 10/01/2020



1.1 This specification covers flexible cellular rubber products known as sponge rubber and expanded rubber, but does not apply to latex foam rubber or ebonite cellular rubber. The base material for an open/closed cellular product may be made of synthetic, natural, or reclaimed rubber, or a mixture, and may contain other polymers or chemicals, or both, which may be modified by organic or inorganic additives. These elastomeric materials have properties similar to those of vulcanized rubber, namely (1) the ability to be converted from a thermoplastic to a thermosetting state by crosslinking (vulcanization) or (2) the substantial recovery of their original shapes when strained or elongated, or both.

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