ASTM D5663-15(2020)

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Standard Guide for Validating Recycled Content in Packaging Paper and Paperboard
standard by ASTM International, 11/01/2020



1.1”This guide provides an approach for both the calculation and the substantiation of recycled content of finished packaging paper and paperboard products. A mass balance approach is recommended for use by manufacturers since no physical or chemical test method is currently available to determine absolute recycled content of a finished paper product. Calculations are based on time weighted average flows which are based on furnish component flow rates and consistency. Recommended approaches to the calculations include by batch or by time weighted average for a specific grade or similar grades. It is not recommended that average recycle content be allocated by mathematical apportionment rather than by actual fiber content. That is, if 50 % recycled fiber is used over time that is the time weighted average. One cannot use this same data to report 50 % of the production is 100 % recycled.

1.1.1”Percentage calculations are based on lb/ton or kg/tonne with the time frame constrained by machine and grade (see and

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