ASTM D5858-96(2020)

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Standard Guide for Calculating <emph type="ital">In Situ</emph> Equivalent Elastic Moduli of Pavement Materials Using Layered Elastic Theory
standard by ASTM International, 11/01/2020



1.1 This guide covers the concepts for calculating the in situ equivalent layer elastic moduli can be used for pavement evaluation, rehabilitation, and overlay design. The resulting equivalent elastic moduli calculated from the deflection data are method-dependent and represent the stiffnesses of the layers under a specific nondestructive deflection testing (NDT) device at that particular test load and frequency, temperature, and other environmental and site-specific conditions. Adjustments for design load, reference temperature, and other design-related factors are not covered in this guide. The intent of this guide is not to recommend one specific method, but to outline the general approach for estimating the in situ elastic moduli of pavement layers.

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