ASTM D8334/D8334M-20

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Standard Practice for Sampling of Cannabis/Hemp Post-Harvest Batches for Laboratory Analyses
standard by ASTM International, 11/01/2020



1.1”Cannabis harvested materials require sampling strategies throughout their life cycle, from cultivation to the end consumer. For purposes of this standard, the term cannabis is inclusive of all cannabis inflorescence, including hemp varieties. The qualitative and quantitative characteristics of cannabis/hemp for human or animal consumption has safety implications throughout the life cycle from cultivation to end consumer. This standard provides best practice procedures and protocols for sampling batches of harvested cannabis inflorescence. Cannabis/hemp materials often exhibit variability across different parts within the same plant or across different plants within the same cultivar, or both, (1, 2).2 Thus, sampling strategies are required which yield a representative a sample across a harvest batch. Representative sampling is required to ensure that the qualitative and quantitative test results accurately reflect cannabinoid identification, potency, identification and concentration of terpenes, concentration of trace metals, microbiological activity, mycotoxins, and concentration of pesticides across the batch.

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