ASTM E1556-20

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Standard Specification for Epoxy Resin System for Composite Skin, Honeycomb Sandwich Panel Repair
standard by ASTM International, 09/01/2020



1.1 This specification covers the requirements for an epoxy resin system intended for the repair of sandwich panels for durable, rigidwall, relocatable structures. It must be usable in a field environment and shall not require the use of special equipment such as autoclaves or presses. The epoxy system covered by this specification shall be usable for simultaneous impregnation of a wet-layup composite skin and bonding of that skin to a substrate honeycomb core. The material shall withstand exposure to temperatures from −54 °C to 93 °C (−65 °F to 199 °F) and high relative humidity, and also the combination of stress, temperature, and relative humidity that are expected to be encountered in service.

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